Forget Resolutions, Create a Checklist for 2016.

Your Checklist for 2016.

“Throw yourself away like a stone and hide. Resurface only when you have become successful”- A.L Tom Jones {May 1931 – Dec 2007}

I have never been a big fan of the words: New Year Resolutions. You know why? Because it adds that extra pressure to keep to them; which eventually means you don’t. New year resolutions averagely lasts for 2 weeks … at least in my own case.

What I prefer is a New year checklist, a strategy that could help me navigate the coming year and keep me on my toes. For me, creating a checklist is easy; I simply draw on all the positives AND negatives of the year coming to a close and try my damnedest to improve on both. Easy!

You should try it too. 2015 was a very difficult year for many, but a very successful year for equally as many. For those that didn’t have it easy, create a strategy to make 2016 your year. For those that had a great year, create a strategy to make 2016 even better.

Below is a checklist containing 10 important points to be considered if you want to make your 2016 outstanding. Follow this list and you will sing a different tune this time next year.

Create an illusion – This is your guiding compass. Picture in your head what you want your new year to look like and use that as a guide throughout the year to achieve your goal. It is possible! There is something called Reticular Activating System(RAS), which is an automatic mechanism in your brain that brings information to your attention. It acts like a filter that differentiates your conscious mind from your subconscious. Basically, once you think of something, your brain will not allow you to forget it. So, imagine if you set yourself some goals, and visualise them in your mind, these goals become realistic if we keep thinking about them as long as we have created an illusion or imagined these goals initially. It follows that you will not achieve any of your goals if you keep thinking it can’t be achieved, because your subconscious will not help you achieve it.

Create your own opportunities –  Time waits for no man (or woman). While seizing opportunities at the right time can lead to great fortune, you must be wise to know waiting for them to happen is a waste of time. For that opportunity to fall on your lap, you need to go out there and create it. You’ve got a plan, start working on it. You’ve got an idea? start researching it. Start making things happen.

Be a wolf – People out there are not interested in helping you make a success of yourself, until you are ready to help yourself. Go out there and FIGHT (not literary, otherwise you’ll spend 2016 in prison) . Fight for your place on the table of success. Unfortunately, if you are not already successful, some people are not ready to listen to you. That is a barrier you have to cross, and unfortunately, you can only cross it on your own. When you attain that initial level of success, these same people will start keeping promises and throwing things at you, even if you don’t need them. Make a vow to attain that level of success so you can be heard by people who initially ignored you.

Suffer to invest – It is amazingly easy to buy that new car, or the latest gadget or fashion accessory with the little money you have made. Why not divert that capital into something that will bring you returns? I know its your dream car, I know you really wanted the 50in screen LCD screen; why not use that money differently? Use it to buy shares or bonds, or put it towards a property or a deposit. When the return comes, you can buy 2 cars instead and as much iPads and TVs you want in your new house. Cars and gadgets start losing value the moment you buy them. Property doesn’t, so does a few other investment opportunities. You might suffer a bit, but it is only just a bit. Make investing your thing for the new year.

Don’t chase people – I know it sounds very cliché, but it’s so true. Forget acceptance, forget trying to please anybody. Do what you know is right for you. Truth is, the moment you start looking for acceptance, the moment you start chasing people for help, the more desperate you look and sound to them, and the more difficult it’ll be to find them. Ask for assistance if you need to, make that phone call if you need to, borrow if you need to BUT only do it once. If your call is not returned, don’t chase, let it be. They will find you when you become successful.

Work it till the very end – Many of us have ideas and plans that may seem difficult to materialise. We then end up giving up because we just can’t see the possibility of a good outcome. Why not see it through? You never know if a certain turn of event can suddenly make that idea that seemed dead in the water become a game changer. Whatever you plan to do in 2016, make sure you see it to the very end before you give up. Chances are, you might be able to turn things around. Never give up half way through, carry on till the end.

Better yourself – Learn! Make use of every opportunity to learn in the coming year. Learn what? you ask me. Anything and Everything. No one knows it all, so find a way to know more than you did yesterday. Even if you are in employment, learn something that will stand you out from the pack. The world today is competitive, and to gain that advantage, you must possess something that make you more unique than the other fellow. It is never late to learn too, people learn new stuff every day. If you learn that accounting software, you wouldn’t need to pay a book-keeper for your business, if you learn about the internet and social media, your employer won’t need to hire a ‘younger’ person for the role you wanted. Learn everyday in the new year just to better yourself.

Explore, leave your comfort zone – The only way you can do new things in the new year is to meet new things. And the only way to meet new things is by meeting new people. It is natural human behaviour to stay within our comfort zone. Work, family, relationships, business etc. Why would anyone want to try something new? Because it is worth it in the long run. It is bold! The most successful people today tried something new which paid off. I’m not telling you to take unnecessary risks; far from it. Do something new! Meet new people! This will expand your boundaries, your knowledge and ideas. One of your new friends could be your next business partner, or could recommend you to your dream job. Opportunities only come through people.

Remember the disappointments – Don’t forget them. Reminiscing about past disappointments, heart breaks and challenges can cause upset and pain; but never let it go. Put past disappointments and pain before you in everything you plan to do in 2016. Remember them constantly because that is the only way you prevent yourself from falling into that trap again. It’s the only thing that stops you from making the same mistakes. Don’t forget the past, remember and use them to make you a wiser person in the new year.

Live – While you are out there chasing your great fortune, don’t forget to Live. There is still a life to live you know? Do not get carried away by the chase and forget to take a breather, or ignore important things like family, health etc It is enjoyable if you combine your chase with living a life. So do that.

Good luck in the coming year and I hope all that you wish for come to pass.

Kole Obasa



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40 thoughts on “Forget Resolutions, Create a Checklist for 2016.

  1. “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” You made some great points. Loved the section “Don’t chase people.” Marketing feels like chasing, and I dislike it intensely. I like being reminded to do it only to a degree.

    1. I am into marketing too and you are right, it does feel like chasing. Somehow, people make you feel you owe them. Right now, I work on a mantra of ‘One phone call only’. If i don’t receive a call back or I sense I am being ‘screened’ I kill of the lead and move on. Sometimes, the lead comes back but other times I find new leads.

  2. I love the idea of a checklist! It will feel very fulfilling every time you get to check something off. Definitely a different way of looking at it!

  3. Great tips. I agree about resolutions, I prefer to have weekly/monthly goals because life changes and we can’t predict things- and I agree about the disappointment factor, too! So right that we must get out and leave our comfort zone – that was my goal last year and I achieved it starting out little by little and plan to raise the bar on that this year! 😉

  4. I love the advice to ‘work it til the very end’. Most New Year’s goals revolve around self-improvement, but it’s important to remember to follow through no matter what the goal!

    Love your site, I’ll be back!

  5. I feel like this post totally encompasses what I’m striving to do right now. I’m a performance poet, and I’ve been trying to find ways to carve out performance spaces for myself, hunt down paid performance opportunities, etc. I eventually want to leave my own 9-5 so I can embrace the work I love and I’m not going to do it sitting on my rear waiting for someone to call me and just give me an opportunity. Thanks for the tips and motivation!

    1. Yes! You need to get out there and create an opportunity for yourself, but it seems like you are doing that already. Make sure though that you make your objectives and aims bite-size achievable, so you can easily reach them. Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more tips on entrepreneurship. Thanks for stopping by.

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