South Africa Has Repaid Black Africa’s Support With Xenophobia. (Graphic Images)

Xenophobia. Killing a Nigerian is now a past time in South Africa.

Xenophobia. Killing a Nigerian is now a past time in South Africa.

Xenophobia Attacks In South Africa Is Simply Idiotic.

We have been let down by our South African brothers. . . badly.

Heard of the word Xenophobia? No? I wrote about it 2 years ago. Now I write about it again because again, it has reared its head.

According to our friends at Google, the official meaning of Xenophobia is ‘the fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.’ Quite literally, it is a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. Are you starting to wonder the difference between that and racism? Well, you are not alone. Personally, I think the lines between Xenophobia, Genocide and Racism are very, very blurred.

So, South Africans pissed off at other Africans coming into their country to take their jobs have resorted to killing these Africans and taking their businesses forcefully. According to Al-Jazeera, in the last two years about 116 Nigerians have been killed, including 20 this year. That’s just Nigerians. Many more other African blacks have lost their lives and businesses.

These attacks are the most astonishing thing I’ve seen in my life. Is it not enough that blacks all over the world have to contend with their white neighbours hating on them for stealing their jobs? Only for their fellow blacks to do the same thing?

At least white people would debate about the level of immigration in their country. If it is not addressed, they will complain and the worst of them will get your black ass sacked.

But kill another human being? on the premise that he has stolen opportunities meant for you? That, is pure madness. A complete mental imbalance.

Last year, I saw a video of a South African, went by the name Mabutubutu Masekosuma Ngugu (forgive my South African). He claimed he led a group of men to murder as many black Africans they could lay their hands on. Personally, he claimed to have killed 7 Gambians in one day.

The video was animated, idiotic and very extreme. He gave an ultimatum of 14 days for all Africans to leave South Africa. Also, he had no love for the media, especially bloggers. I guess I won’t be on his Christmas list then. You can watch the video by clicking here.

That video (as well as the rise in Xenophobia generally) was promptly addressed by former President of Nigeria Segun Obasanjo recently. He condemned the attacks in very strong terms and correctly took a swipe at Jacob Zuma (president of South Africa).

I would want the African Union (who I praised in my last post) to intervene in this matter and also condemn it. The Nigerian government cannot and must not fold its arms and issue baseless threats. The embassy in South Africa must spearhead Abuja’s response and simultaneously do whatever in its power to protect Nigerians. What is the embassy there for if not to protect Nigerians?

I also just want to remind Mr Zuma and all other extreme black South Africans that Nigeria, probably more than any other African country fought for their freedom; for the freedom of Nelson Mandela. Blacks the whole world over did too.

And you repay that sacrifice by killing them? Get a grip with yourselves. Rather than kill your fellow black man, unite, support each other and stop all this black on black crime nonsense.


Kole Obasa

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