Who is this government we all blame? By Olufemi Korode

Nigerian Government

Virtually every problem in Nigeria is blamed on the government. Somehow, you get the impression that the President or the State Governor alone is the government and everybody else is either, the governed, observer, bystander, supporter, complainant or critic.

While it is justifiable to blame government for poor infrastructure, poor education, poor healthcare, high unemployment, high insecurity, and even for hunger, corruption and traffic hold ups, it is beginning to look to me that this is an orchestrated ploy by some Nigerians to take a permanent flight from being held responsible for our individual and group conducts.
the governments we blame so frequently for failing us are run by Nigerians. Indeed the irony is that some of those who blame government for everything are in government themselves! Sometimes, it looks like there is a mystery man called ‘government’

Citizens who blame government drive one-way and recklessly, beating traffic light, collect and give bribes, throw dirts in the gutters getting them blocked, make life unbearable for fellow citizens (especially civil service), abscond from work to face private business and then blame government for not paying salaries, completely unserious and fraudulent to their employers, evading tax, JAMB and WAEC “special centres”, crazy customer service across sectors and many many more.

Everywhere you go, you meet people who work in the government institutions who act as if they care very little about the success or citizen perception of the government they serve in. When you complain about the poor service you are getting, the same people who are part or agents of the government turn around to blame the ‘government’, absolving themselves of any blame and often the complaining citizen seems to either agree or empathize with the government employee that the problem is with the mystery ‘ Mr Government. Anywhere Nigerians are to receive service from a government agency, the story of misery and denigration of human dignity is repeated.

Abeg, who is this “Mr Government” ???

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