Introducing VidMii!

VidMii is a Video Marketing company dedicated to bringing the power of Video Marketing to your fingertips . . . at an affordable price.

VidMii brings you enhanced Video Marketing opportunities and optimises business awareness using Digital Technology. We will visit your place of business at a time of your convenience and shoot a Hollywood – Style, 40sec – 1min video advert with an effective script (you could come up with the script yourself too). Additionally, we don’t just create the video; we will market it for you as well. How about that?

Video Marketing is the modern way to achieve optimal business awareness and improve business opportunities in the fast growing digital marketing space on internet today; your business should be part of this trend. By using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Vimeo, Ceyword and many other networking technology tools we can use our expertise to place your video where your viewers are to improve your existing business opportunities, identify and create new business opportunities, create awareness to improve sales and your business looks modern in the process. It’s win/win. See for yourself, give us a call, give us a trial and see your own business on video. You will be pleased!!

Watch some of VidMii’s video advert’s here.