Thinking of Business Ideas? Watch the News.

You don’t have to look too far when considering your next business ideas.

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity” OG Mandino

Have you noticed there is nothing but bad news on the news these days? Every time you switch to the news, someone (or people) have died or dying. Millions of people have been displaced due to the various conflicts in many regions around the globe. Apart from terrorism and war, there has been floods, earthquakes and tsunamis causing more  displacement. Its despairing.

Is it possible then, that business ideas can rise from these global tragedies or difficulties? I have been thinking about this of late and I have come to the realisation that the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners today took opportunities that they either spotted or came their way.
Now, just in case you think I am saying you should take advantage of people’s misfortunes to create a business; I AM NOT. But, I am saying a business idea  could rise from these difficulties to alleviate the suffering of people. Think about it, from Asia to the Middle East. From Europe to Africa. Businesses can be started and ideas created to help people.

All the continents below have been blighted by one problem or the other:

Africa:  Terrorism- Corruption-Famine.

Europe: Economy-Mass Migration-Terrorism

Asia: Natural disasters-Corruption-Disease

North and South America: Gun crime-Narcotics-Natural disasters.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to think no business idea can come from all these unfortunate problems affecting millions worldwide. Entrepreneurs are a diverse bunch, but why aren’t we doing more to help? Why aren’t we creating more ideas specifically with these problems in mind.

If money and TIME were no object, this is what I will do: I will find ways of creating ideas or businesses, that in collaboration with the various governments can solve most of these problems. By creating these businesses on one hand , I will be creating jobs on the other. Don’t tell me it is not possible. Anything is possible!

Consider this:


  1. Ideas that can help governments tackle corruption (Apps/ Websites/Widgets)
  2. Home grown security companies that can either produce or provide gadgets that can help with the fight against terrorism and other crimes. What about awareness courses and programs that educate people about vigilance, and the perils of travelling across the desert hoping to get to Europe?
  3. Agriculture led business ideas that include irrigation and importation of agricultural heavy machinery and other agricultural related ideas.


  1. This is easy, create more self-made business thus creating more jobs and opportunities thus benefiting various economies.
  2. Whether you agree with the influx of immigrants or not, has anyone tried creating ideas that fix the needs of the immigrants that turn up at our shores? What about ideas to help the various governments struggling with the influx? Tents, clothing, supplies, preserved foods (or even next generation preservatives) Charities, governments and even the UN keep asking for more food and supplies for refugees; this clearly suggests more is needed.
  3. Fighting terrorism in Europe is not different from Africa or anywhere else in the world. However, it is slightly easier to be funded in Europe to set up a business, therefore it is easier for creative juices to flow and solutions offered.


  1. Here is where some of you with scientific brains can hone your own. Apps detailing weather patterns, early warning systems etc is NOT beyond our reach people. 
  2. Corruption can be tackled in this region the way it could be tackled anywhere. There is a business idea that can help governments with corruption. I know of at least 3 unpublished ones.
  3. Scientists do not need to have a business mind or an entrepreneurial spirit to create disease busting drugs or equipment. If you are one, think about the various diseases we have today and think outside the box.

I can go on and on, but I am certain if you are reading this post, you already get my drift. If you are looking for a business idea, you don’t necessarily  have to stick to the popular routes. You can think about your community or other communities that need one type of help or the other and create your ideas with the sole purpose of helping the individuals or governments in these communities. Cmon people, it can be done!

Do you know any business ideas that can be added, bearing in mind the global state of affairs?

Kole Obasa

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10 thoughts on “Thinking of Business Ideas? Watch the News.

  1. An excellent article. This is not an idea but simply a thought that has crossed my mind. Do you think a platform for inspiring change, encourgaging innovation and new business ideas in order to help improve on the world’s problems might be via Rotary Clubs? It is an international organisation for business people. If any of you are Rotarians or know people who are would it not be idea to make contact with such members?

    1. Fantastic idea Michael. But could organisations such as Rotary Club be willing to slightly change their modus operandi? I feel it a good vehicle for what I have in mind though.

  2. You have some interesting thoughts here. Love reading about your Freedom-preneuing journey and how you have pursued the life you really want. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable.

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