The Unchosen Ones

Let me ask you a question . . .

There were 3 men , let’s say their names are Daniel, David and Ezekiel, yeah? Ok. They were born on the same day, same month, same year… same hour. They are 32 years old. These men live a perfectly healthy and spiritual life. As Christians, they pray regularly, attend church every Sunday, give to charity (in equal measure) and live as sin-free as possible. They follow Christ’s every rule, and God loves them, they are indeed the apple of his eyes.

Daniel, David and Ezekiel take good care of their homes and families…love their wives unconditionally, avoid temptation, both physically and spiritually.

These men never said a cross word to anybody, never raised a fist and always turned the other cheek.

Are you still reading along? Good!

One day, they played the lottery. The winning ticket was for $100M. The trio bought their tickets at the exact same shop, on the same day…. then went home and prayed for God’s favour. They fell on their knees and prayed for luck to shine on them. Each wanted to be the lucky winner of this poverty-killing, who-is-your-father sum of money.

Remember these guys have lived an exemplary life, right? And they are the apple of God’s eyes, right? When the lottery result was announced, only one of them won, and it was Ezekiel.

The above preamble was leading to my question… and the question is, why did Ezekiel win and the others didn’t?

Perhaps this is a deep question, but i’m hoping the answer exposes God’s works.

So, can you answer this question?

Kole Obasa

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