The problem is you. Believe in yourself.

Time to believe.

The biggest challenge we face; the #1 hindrance to most people’s successes is themselves.

Believe it or not, this is a FACT!

In every aspect, you need to realise that in order to accomplish anything in life, you need to be LUCKY, SMART and RESILIENT. This is not negotiable, and the good news is that luck follows when you’ve ¬†successfully armed yourself with intelligence¬†and resilience. While there are motivational speakers and life coaches out there, the engine room of motivation resides in you.

It has been said on several platforms that if people do what they enjoy it won’t be a chore. If you wake up depressed at the thought of going to work, you are in the wrong job and clearly don’t enjoy it. I am yet to see an airline pilot with a look of dejection etched on his face because he’s flying too much. Think about it, every time you see Astronauts boarding their space vessels, or A list celebrities arriving for red carpet events, they’ve got this ridiculous grin on their faces; wanna know why? Because they enjoy their jobs. Why can’t you?

To achieve that, you might need to retrain yourself, but of most importance is to IDENTIFY that which you enjoy doing. Many are in low paid jobs right now, jobs they do just to make ends meet, jobs they do because perhaps they are students and need another source of income, but realising this as a temporary step towards a much greater goal is SMART thinking.

Many have been stopped in their tracks through FEAR. The unknown is a scary place isn’t it? But remember you have been armed with the engine room of motivation that resides in you. Rely on that and set out to pull yourself up and go for that career, that job, that thing that makes you happy.

Sometimes we get knocked back by failure, this is the senior cousin of fear. As an entrepreneur, naturally I welcome failure, its part of life therefore it is part of me. I ain’t afraid of failure, thats not to say I dabble into things without caution, opposite is the case. In fact, I am insanely risk averse. I do have a saying though, and I have relied on this all my life: “Pain is an opportunity”

An opportunity to see where you have made mistakes and the chance to correct them, the chance to learn from them and the chance to conquer them. This is resilience. You get it?

When then you fail to take a leap of faith, to throw yourself out there, to second guess yourself and to give up at the slightest challenge, you can’t then blame the elements around you, because the problem is you.

First and foremost I am a Christian, and I know God created every living being in his image, and I know God is not a failure, therefore there are no challenges too heavy for us to surmount. If that’s the case, why are we not living to our potentials? Because the problem is you.

Today, I encourage someone to FORCE a change in their circumstances. Wake up from you slumber and take a leap.

Kole Obasa



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