Small Businesses Making Big Waves – The Musician’s Friend

The Musician's Friend is today's Small Business Making Big Waves

The Musician’s Friend is today’s Small Business Making Big Waves

The Musician’s Friend

Every once in a while I like to acknowledge start-ups making waves in their chosen market or industry. Starting up is probably one of the most difficult business decisions to make hence my constant advice to do it properly. However, starting up properly is not enough these days; a combination of business intelligence, luck and dedication, at the right moment, at the right time sure enough puts any start-up on the proverbial path to success.

The aptly named Musician’s Friend is one such start up. Their success story began in 1983 from a garage, today, they have 2 support centres, 1 massive distribution centre and a corporate headquarters in California.

Regardless of how much start-ups pay for marketing and promotion and other services to help their businesses grow, the real secret to business success is finding a niche and curving out that slice of the market for yourself. If you are able to do that, and satisfy your niche market, success is just a matter of time.

The Musician’s friend is very successful at doing this; as a business, they cater for their market remarkably well hence their successful rise from start-up to big fish. The Musician’s Friend are committed to helping musicians by supplying their musical equipment needs. From drum sets to pianos and keyboards, they got it all; this isn’t just a ukulele store. Their extensive range of musical instruments for sale is truly impressive and it is accompanied by reasonable prices. This is an Aladdin’s cave of musical instruments, there is nothing you won’t find in their stores. If you are a musician (aspiring or established) visit their website, you won’t be disappointed. This is one business that got it right.

Well known, well sought, well-respected, today’s small business making waves is The Musician’s Friend.

Kole Obasa

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