The greatest advice I ever got. Part 2 {It can be done}

#2 Do not let other people tell you it can’t be done.

It can be done and if you do it and fail, do it again. This is one of the greatest advice I ever got.

As creatures of habit, entrepreneurs in general want to share their ideas with other people. It could be family, friends or just the dude sat next to you in the bus (well maybe not him). It’s in the core of our nature to inform the world about the brilliant idea that just sprung to mind.

While sharing your ideas though, sometimes you come across people who will insist that your idea is ‘grand’. The ones who really want to be mean will tell you similar ideas exist thus yours must be….. What? obsolete?. While it is in your nature to want to share your idea with the world, it is in their nature to want to kill your dream. Dream killers will always exist and they are clearly needed to keep us all on our toes.

When I started out as an entrepreneur, quite naturally, all ideas that sprung to mind were shared ¬†instantly with my closest and dearest before even carrying out any research to it authenticity. In my opinion, sometimes your family and friends (inner circle) are the most efficient guinea pigs for research. Not sure if my family will be happy for me to call them Guinea pigs though! This must be balanced by thorough research (primary and secondary) …. generally testing the market by speaking to other people who have no stake in you or your idea. This is not cheap, hence why family and friends make fantastic primary research.

Anyway back to my point, apart from family and close friends, I have also ran some of my ideas past other friends and other family (Outer circle) and these guys in the first instance told me the idea(s) would not work without a blink of an eye. These are the dream killers.

You might find yourself in a situation where you believe passionately in an idea, but the moment you run it by certain people and they tell you it wouldn’t work, it automatically deflates your spirit and kills your drive. Its a normal feeling. But you shouldn’t let it.

Most empires today were built off the resilience and gut instinct of many entrepreneurs.¬†Sometimes you take your ideas to financial institutions, business mentors, scholars etc and rather than tell you what needs improving, they tell you your stuff won’t fly. Well, thank them and continue chasing your dream. It is their job to want to kill your dream. This is what they are here for and you would be silly if you stopped because someone told you it wasn’t possible.

In my own case, I am lucky to surround myself with family and friends who will agree with the scope of any idea I bring to them, perhaps they don’t want to upset me (some of my ideas have been hare-brained though) or perhaps they see prospects in these ideas.

Do your research, test the market, then go with your gut. The truth is that some have already given up on their own dreams, do not let them talk you into giving up on yours.


Kole Obasa



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4 thoughts on “The greatest advice I ever got. Part 2 {It can be done}

  1. A very good read. I think it is always best to surround yourself with people who are receptive to new ideas, possess a postive and progessive mindsets and can offer constructive advice when the need arises.

    1. Yes Michael. Dreamkillers are only doing what they are predisposed to do by discouraging you. You are meant to do what you are predisposed to do, which is chase your dreams.

  2. Hi Kole, I agree, there are people who come into our lives that try to deflate you at every turn. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about them, however, I’ve always been taught there is always something we can do in how we choose to respond. Great post. I subscribed to your blog for more updates.

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