Forex Trading as an option of Entrepreneurship

Forex Trading myths busted

Forex Trading myths debunked. Pic attribution:

It often amazes me when I hear or read about all sorts of reasons people give for not wanting to trade forex.

This led me to record a series of short videos as well as write a blog series “Demystifying Forex Trading Myths” that can be seen here.

If I had my way, everyone I met would become traders, what’s my reason?

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Buying + Selling = Business

Do not let anybody fool you into thinking there is something more sophisticated about business. The whole process involved in any business transaction is simple. Bizarrely however, as simple as it is, some people are better at it than others. Some have created huge empires and made mega fortunes out of it.

Let’s break this down. There are different layers to business or entrepreneurship as it is perceived by us all, but if we drill it down to the core, from the major car dealer to the investment banks and oil companies to the neighbourhood coffee shop, one thing connects them, and this connection is the common thing they all share. They all buy and they all sell and they all do this to make a profit. That’s it! This is the essence of business – buying, selling and making profit.

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