Thrombosis - The Silent Killer. Photo credit: WebMD
Thrombosis – The Silent Killer. Photo credit: WebMD

This article was inspired by a very personal experience! Old age is something, and considering I have family that have just started transitioning from the ‘young and vibrant’ category to what we can now call ‘elderly’, I’ve been forced to be more conversant with age-related sicknesses, even though Thrombosis isn’t age specific.

Recently, someone I know developed blood clots in his hand and leg, but it never hit home just how dangerous it could have been till I read up about the condition.  Blood Clots, or Thrombosis or Deep Vein Thrombosis is dangerous; extremely dangerous indeed. In some cases, sufferers of blood clots are not even aware till very late on, by that time it is fatal, often within an hour or less.

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