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We’ve all thought about it, a few have tried, many have failed.
Most of us have dreamt at some time of chucking in the job to start-up our own business. And often that dream takes the form of setting up a shop. It seems as though there is a shop for everything, and a lucrative niche to suit every potential shop owner. What’s more, you can be your own boss and move out of the city to a country town. It might be hard work, but for your own ends.
According to government records, there are now more new start-ups in retail than in any other sector, and perhaps surprisingly for a nation that had long regarded shop keeping as rather an inferior profession, a quarter of those taking the plunge come from managerial or professional ranks.
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The Musician's Friend is today's Small Business Making Big Waves

The Musician’s Friend is today’s Small Business Making Big Waves

The Musician’s Friend

Every once in a while I like to acknowledge start-ups making waves in their chosen market or industry. Starting up is probably one of the most difficult business decisions to make hence my constant advice to do it properly. However, starting up properly is not enough these days; a combination of business intelligence, luck and dedication, at the right moment, at the right time sure enough puts any start-up on the proverbial path to success.

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The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor

The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor

The Entrepreneurs Club – Episode 2

“There is no failure, there is just learning, and learning is good” – Jackie Mellor

It was another very interesting episode of The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor an amazing Photographer/Entrepreneur based in Essex. Jackie came across very bright and knowledgeable about business.

In this series, I asked Jackie questions pertaining to Entrepreneurship issues encountered constantly by business owners and how she has been able to learn and deal with them as she progressed in her business journey. As a photographer, Jackie has been able to combine her natural creativity with running a busy which is challenging in its own right.  I certainly learnt a lot from our interview and I hope you do too.

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The Entrepreneurs Club

The Entrepreneurs Club

If the banks don’t want to know, approach Venture Capitalists, but never give up” -V. Karri

The Entrepreneurs Club – Episode 1 part 2

This is the second part of my interview with Vijaya Karri. In the first part, Mrs Karri took us back to when she started out in business and the difficulties she faced as a person of colour. In this 2nd instalment I asked questions about funding for aspiring business owners, government support (or the lack of it) and many more questions of interest. Her expensive knowledge of business is quite clear in this video and you can tell her success is by no fluke by any means..

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Running a business successfully does not require ‘book smarts.’ Here are eight types of intelligence that help lead you to success.

Many people feel that they just aren’t smart enough to be an entrepreneur, yet there seems to be no convincing evidence that a high IQ is a prerequisite for this lifestyle. We all know of successful businesses started by first-time entrepreneurs who dropped out of school, and according to many sources, “street smarts” (experience) tends to trump “book smarts” (intelligence) every time.
Another perspective is that there are in fact multiple types of intelligence, and we all have strengths and weaknesses along all of these scales. It does appear that most successful entrepreneurs are those with the broadest range of interests, skills and experiences (street smarts), while a maximum depth in any given discipline is not so important.

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#1 -Try Everything

This is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt in business. The advice is based on years of speaking to experienced business owners. They have proved invaluable in my business journey.

I was with a highly successful business owner who had a class restaurant, a hairdressing salon and beauty centre. A formidable amount of funds had gone into each business venture and it might seem to some that there might be a loss of focus.

The truth is that after a few years, he started struggling. The restaurant haemorrhaged  money and eventually slowed down to a complete still. Throughout these difficult times, the owner focused on his other businesses with a big smile on his face. The restaurant eventually stopped trading and incidentally I was there when it shut its doors to customers for the last time.

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Toxic doubts? I get it, being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s hard to always stay positive.

It’s not all crunchy granola, ooey gooey feel good stuff. How you talk to yourself has been proven in studies to affect your mindset and, subsequently, real world results. Consistent negative self-talk, especially if it centers on your business planning, entrepreneurial ventures and the like can turn a potentially successful venture into a failure — sometimes before you have even given yourself a chance.

This doesn’t mean you have to start making vision boards or saying affirmations to the mirror each morning (though it may not hurt). It does mean entrepreneurs in the making should consciously nix self-talk and replace it with something actually useful.

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I really hate cliché blog posts. Somehow though, it is also as important as it is original for everyone to relate with this post.

What am I saying? Am I actually saying failure is worth embracing? Definitely!

I am saying you CANNOT be a successful entrepreneur without experiencing some sort of failure. I am also saying failure helps shape the outlook of your business life.

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Entrepreneurship is very in vogue today. Motivated by the wave of successful tech startups, the younger generations today all want to be their own boss and supersonic themselves into a life full of wealth and glamour. Television programs are furthering the allure of leaving corporate America and starting your own company in your family garage. The coolness factor for being an entrepreneur is probably at an all-time high. While I am an adamant supporter of entrepreneurship, I do have a responsibility to provide a dose of reality to anyone considering starting their own venture. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and there are a lot of risks involved with becoming one. I would argue that most individuals are not equipped to be an entrepreneur. Most think they are, but in reality it is an anomaly.

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