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Community activist and lead organiser of Black History Month Colchester joined me on The Gist recently to take about the recent spike in hate crime in the aftermath of Brexit. Recent reports have made for uncomfortable reading with the rise and (and often blatant) racist crimes against immigrants. According to records, East Anglia has seen a significant rise of hate crime since Brexit. Majority of it though has been targeted at Eastern Europeans. Enjoy the video.


Kole Obasa

EU Referendum: Are you in or are you out? Pic courtesy:

EU Referendum: Are you in or are you out? Pic courtesy:

Consequences of exiting at the EU Referendum tomorrow remain unclear.

The EU Referendum is finally upon us. In less than 24 hours we, the Brits will go to the polls and decide whether we want to remain in the most expensive club in the world or to exit and ‘go it alone’. The battle is on for both sides of the debate and crucially, undecided voters are more than a few. I suspect they will swing the votes to one of the sides.

In the past few days I have listened to some compelling arguments for and against exiting the EU. This, unfortunately has not helped in making a decision because we have not heard anything new as far as the message is concerned; just reenforcement of it. Forget any politician you must have heard in the past few days for their message always contains a hidden agenda. Let me break it down for you as one of you. I have changed my mind twice already after listening to some debates and doing my own research and for those of you like me who are still undecided, I hope presenting  this unfiltered, no-sentiment breakdown of what I know will help us all decide when votes open for the EU Referendum tomorrow.

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EU Referendum – Are Small Businesses Better Off In or Out?

EU in or out?

EU Referendum: In or out? Pic courtesy:

The hot topic in the UK right now is the EU Referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union (EU) or not.

Why should I concern myself with this really? And how does staying or leaving affect my business and other small businesses in the UK. Well, because the Government and all other stakeholders say so. I am not concerning myself with the opinion of the military, immigration chiefs etc but SMEs and business leaders in general. So, is this ‘common market’ worth staying in? or should us small business owners be looking at taking the future into our own hands and exit the EU?

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