Handmade Jewellery by Kits Pearls

Handmade Jewellery by Kits Pearls. Pic courtesy lfkphotografix

The prevailing fashion these days is handmade jewellery according to this innovative entrepreneur.

In the past few years, handmade jewellery has made a major comeback and it seems the uniqueness is not going away anytime soon. Wearing handmade jewellery, especially those made from pearls signify class, wealth and luxury. And they can be yours at an affordable price.

Yesterday I interviewed Ojoye Yewande Oluwakemi, a young entrepreneur – Owner and Creative Director of House of Kits Pearlsa Lagos based handmade jewellery and accessories outfit. Chatting with Ojoye, it was impossible to ignore her passion and when I saw her collection, it was impossible to ignore her creativity, flair and talent. At a point I begged her to take all my money.

See excerpts of the interview below:

How did you come about the name House of Kits?

The name ‘KITS’ was formed by combining the first letter of the names of my siblings and I. (Kemi, Iyanu, Tosin and Samuel) was how I came up with the name Kits. Later, when the vision of my beads journey became clearer, I needed a unique brand name that would differentiate me from other sellers of popular crafts and beads. So, I came across pearls beads by accident and decided to add ‘Pearls’ to the name ‘Kits.’ But when I wanted to register Kits Pearls, I was told it wasn’t available and because I loved the ring of the name and didn’t want to lose it, I settled for House of Kits Pearls. 

What materials do you use for your handmade jewellery?

Generally, I use pearls, crystal beads, stone beads, coral beads, gemstones etc.

Handmade Jewellery design from House of Kits Pearls.

Handmade Jewellery design from House of Kits Pearls. Pic courtesy: lfkfotografix

Enlighten me please, what is the usage of handmade jewellery these days? Is it casual or formal?

I create the beaded designs to be worn on any outfit and occasion to be honest. They can be worn in casual, corporate and even wedding settings on wedding dresses. Also, they are not exclusive to traditional African attires, they can be worn with anything.

How trendy are your jewellery compared to traditional machine-made, mass-produced ones I can purchase in shops like gold, silver and platinum?

Handmade Jewellery is prevailing fashion now or ‘in vogue’ as Nigerians will call it. This could be due to their prices. There is always a piece of jewellery to suit every pocket. They are so popular that even celebrities like Katherine Marie Heigl, Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn adorn them. African celebrities especially Nigerian ones also love them. Stars like Tara Durotoye, Pastor Evelyn Paul and Nkechi Harry Ngonadi love them.

Handmade Jewellery. How this entrepreneur made them popular.

Handmade Jewellery. How this entrepreneur made them popular. Pic courtesy: House of Kits Pearls | Aramipo

When I hear the word pearls or even handmade jewellery, I immediately think they are made for females only. Is this true?

No not at all. They are unisex. There are items for male and female, young and old. We can even make bespoke designs if you require.

What is the price range of your items?

It differs. I determine the price range from the kind of style, type of materials used and the man-hours needed to make them. But like I said earlier, there is flexibility in the price structure and there is always a piece of jewellery that suits every pocket, from the very cheap to the very expensive.

House of Kits designs. Pic Courtesy: ifkphotografix

House of Kits designs. Pic Courtesy: lfkphotografix

How long is the process of making these jewellery?

It all depends on the design. Sometimes a day or two, but sometimes it takes weeks for really complicated designs.

How can your product be found and bought?

At the moment, we are working on a comprehensive website as we don’t have one yet. However, while we wait for our website development to be completed we can be contacted via our Facebook page – House of Kits Pearls. We update our latest designs there daily. You can also find us on Instagram. Our handle is House_of_kitspearlsWe can be contacted via phone on 08132940787 and via email on HouseofKitspearls@gmail.com. So please contact us and buy our jewellery, I can promise they are lovingly made and each design will be unique to you.

Kole Obasa


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According to government records, there are now more new start-ups in retail than in any other sector, and perhaps surprisingly for a nation that had long regarded shop keeping as rather an inferior profession, a quarter of those taking the plunge come from managerial or professional ranks.
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Linda Ikeji – Businesswoman & Entrepreneur

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All I ever did was supply a demand that was very popular – Al Capone

Today, I will be profiling another blogger. What has that got to do with business or entrepreneurship you ask? A lot, just wait till I bring this round. One of the most popular bloggers in the world today is Linda Ikeji; a Nigerian wordsmith who has scaled all kinds of frontiers. Depending on the source, Linda Ikeji’s net worth is anywhere between $10 – $16 Million and lives in a $6 Million mansion; not bad for a blogger huh? Linda Ikeji blogs mostly about the Nigerian/African entertainment scene with an infusion of political and social commentary. If there is anything Linda loves more than anything else, it is controversy and she courts it at every single turn, consciously or subconsciously.

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Advertising tactics – Coca Cola v Pepsi. Pic courtesy:beawaremarketingiseverwhere.wordpress.com

Controversial Advertising Tactics Included. 

“The person who stops advertising to save money is the person who stops the clock to save time”

Ok, so you have launched your start up business, you have a shop or built a website or run a small business (like DiamantePro) and your business is in full flow. Now what? You need to market it right? Or if you already do, what strategies (or tactics do you use)?

Efficient marketing is one of the most fundamental aspects of a business for so many reasons. Putting your products out there in the marketplace is no longer enough these days, you need to be able to constantly encourage customers to buy them.  One of the best ways to do this is by speaking a marketing language called advertising.  I have always maintained that constant marketing is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of any entrepreneur; because with marketing, you can always position yourself or your business in every potential customer’s mind. With advertising (properly) you can hardly lose.

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“Social media is the ultimate equaliser. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage” – Amy Jo Martin

Having a few social media accounts is not just trendy these days, its more or less a necessity. The phenomenon has basically overtaken us all with practically half the world subscribing to one social media account or the other. The brilliant creators behind these social networking services intended their users to primarily connect with other users on other sites and then leave room for other types of usage.

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The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor

The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor

The Entrepreneurs Club – Episode 2

“There is no failure, there is just learning, and learning is good” – Jackie Mellor

It was another very interesting episode of The Entrepreneurs Club with Jackie Mellor an amazing Photographer/Entrepreneur based in Essex. Jackie came across very bright and knowledgeable about business.

In this series, I asked Jackie questions pertaining to Entrepreneurship issues encountered constantly by business owners and how she has been able to learn and deal with them as she progressed in her business journey. As a photographer, Jackie has been able to combine her natural creativity with running a busy which is challenging in its own right.  I certainly learnt a lot from our interview and I hope you do too.

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We sometimes forget to listen.

It is wise to listen – Picture:silverbirchpress.wordpress.com

Listening is more than an art, it is wisdom, Listen

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway.

We once lived in an age where business owners held a steady course of action, and thrived through maintaining the status quo. In our day and age, entrepreneurs and business owners are more intelligent and more competitive; ground-breaking innovations happen every day in our lives and these come from more than just one leader. If we trust only the capacity of one amazing brain, then we are still forgetting seven billion human beings who may be equally as capable at innovating.

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” – Bernard Baruch.

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