The season of death. Pic courtesy: The Sun.

The season of death. Pic courtesy: The Sun.

Death is in the air.

I can’t remember a more sombre period as the one we are presently experiencing. Death, Death, Death everywhere. Carjackings resulting in death, minor disputes resulting in death, religious differences resulting in death. That which is meant to bind us together is so far pulling us apart. How can a human being end the life of another simply because they do not share the same faith, even though they share the same God?

Last year when I mentioned in one of my posts  (My God Is Better Than Your God) that global terrorism has seen a massive increase, I didn’t expect for it to reach these levels. The darkness and sorrow that envelopes us all is quite frightening. The news, rumours, innuendoes that come out as a result of every new attack is alarming. Humanity has become the worst it can ever be.

In less than 10 weeks, Britain has been struck THRICE, lives have been lost and the only certain thing is that the ideology driving all these madness is getting stronger. Blame has been passed on to the security services for allowing ‘persons of interest’ and on ‘the watchlist’ out of their sights thus allowing them to perpetrate such heinous crimes, can they realistically watch everyone? Blame has been passed to Theresa May for cutting police size thus reducing the amount of police presence on our streets. Blame has been passed to religious leaders for not playing an active role in stemming the spread of this killer ideology within their communities. Blame has been passed to you and I for not reporting that ‘dodgy guy’ next door until he has murdered a few people in cold blood. With all the blame flying around, does it not look like we are running the risk of playing politics?. Politics with people’s lives….. and deaths.

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Community activist and lead organiser of Black History Month Colchester joined me on The Gist recently to take about the recent spike in hate crime in the aftermath of Brexit. Recent reports have made for uncomfortable reading with the rise and (and often blatant) racist crimes against immigrants. According to records, East Anglia has seen a significant rise of hate crime since Brexit. Majority of it though has been targeted at Eastern Europeans. Enjoy the video.


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