I sat up on the side of the 4-poster king-size bed and looked out the French doors which I left open all night. The white, silky-thin curtain arched gently inwards like a sail and I felt the gentle sea breeze that accompanied it caress my face.

After a while, my mind went to breakfast, and as soon as my feet found the black suede Versace bedroom slippers, I got up and stretched almightily… I roared loudly like the heavens was pulling my hands. Then I blessed the ocean-fresh air with a satisfying morning fart, it wasn’t silent, but I wasn’t bothered.

Talking about mornings, as I stretched I felt the wicked morning wood in my Hilfiger lounge pants – it made me imagine the damage woody could do to someone’s daughter. Unutilised wood is one helluva waste, isn’t it?  Read Full Article

Jeff Bezos, world's richest man. (Photo credit: Quartz)

Jeff Bezos, world’s richest man. (Photo credit: Quartz)

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is now the richest person in the world according to Forbes. Bezos overtook Bill Gates with a fortune of over $90 billion. Bezos, whose incredible fortune now puts him $500 million ahead of Bill Gates (Microsoft founder) attained top dog when Amazon’s stock opened at 1.6% Thursday morning, adding $1.4 billion to his net worth… enough to put him ahead of Gates. It is not the first time Gates has been displaced as world’s richest man though, last year Spanish retailer Amancio Ortega surpassed Gates for 2 days.

According to Forbes, ‘Bezos is now the 7th person to hold the title of the world’s richest person and the 3rd American to top the global ranks besides Gates and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.’

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