New dawn, but Buhari’s biggest threat lives in your house.

What is President Buhari’s greatest threat?

A momentous event. Goodluck Jonathan hands over to Muhammadu Buhari.

A momentous event. Goodluck Jonathan (far side) hands over to Muhammadu Buhari.

Yesterday in Nigeria, a momentous event took place. A former Army General and military ruler assumed office as the democratically elected president of the country. Quite astonishing really. Astonishing because the campaign season was brutal, and in some cases quite bloody. However, election results held (surprisingly) and the incumbent ‘gracefully’ accepted his loss (like he had a choice).

Now that we have gotten the inauguration out of the way, its time to start enjoying Muhammadu Buhari’s government right? Very wrong. I put it to you today that vested interests, corruption and insecurity are the least of the new president’s worries. Mark my words, the greatest threat to Buhari’s governance lives in your house. That’s right! For it is in your house you will find those who still do not believe in the change sweeping the country presently. Neighbours, work colleagues, fellow Nigerians are opposed to this change, and they are the ones that certainly present this clear and present danger to the new government.

As an outsider looking in, it is clear to see the palpable threat to the retired General’s rule, and my concern is quite justifiable. From day 1 (inauguration day) you could still feel the scepticism from some quarters. One would expect that following the near collapse of the African giant, change from the previous government will be welcomed by all quarters. However, the level of negativism from certain factions is quite astonishing.

This negativism represents some of the threats I am able to identify. Negativism will breed obstruction, which in turn will breed sabotage which will most certainly breed treason.

The dislike for General Buhari by a very SMALL MINORITY is such that it is beginning to bother on hatred. You have no choice but to ask yourself why? Some have gone ahead to bizarrely label themselves JONATHANIANS…. Isn’t that as ridiculous as calling yourself a Brownian, a Churchillian, a Bushian or a Carterian – all incumbents who lost re-election? I can understand if a great degree of sympathy was felt for  Winston Churchill; after all, he was the Prime Minister who lost the general election after leading the UK and much of Europe to victory in the war against Hitler, but I’m yet to meet a Churchillian; yet he was a true hero.

Image: CNN.

Image credit: CNN.

It just seems these Jonathanians (their words not mine) have conveniently lost sight of the fact that Jonathan’s government practically brought Nigeria to its knees. This global fact has very easily been transferred to the Nigerian people; including Jonathanians themselves. To call yourself a Jonathanian, at least one thing must be true: You are either (1) blind or (2) want to be blind.

The level of suffering experienced by Nigerians especially in the few weeks running up to the inauguration was unprecedented; a representation of  the incompetencies that represents the outgoing regime. In his inaugural speech, Buhari was kind to Jonathan, he acknowledged his statesmanship (or sportsmanship) in his acceptance of defeat after the elections. Majority of Nigerians are not that kind, some will give him credit for honouring the mandate of the electorate, but what would he have done? Not hand over power? when more than 80% of Nigerians wanted him out? Are we now to congratulate an outgoing president for accepting an electoral loss?

Put silk on a goat, it is still a goat – Jonathan, by his direct actions has opened himself to ridicule and while he and his PDP cohorts go to lick their wounds, they must always be reminded that most Nigerians did not necessarily vote for Buhari, they voted out Jonathan’s government.

Incoming President of Nigeria - Retd General Muhammadu Buhari.

Incoming President of Nigeria – Retd General Muhammadu Buhari. Image Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

Today, I urge all Nigerians irrespective of religion, tribe and creed to get behind this Buhari’s government. I think it’s time to start curing the ills of this country, get her up from her knees, repair the near-fatal damage, then and only then can we start playing politics.

No matter how organised a government of a federation are, they cannot succeed without support, understanding and cooperation” General (rtd) Muhammadu Buhari.

Kole Obasa

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4 thoughts on “New dawn, but Buhari’s biggest threat lives in your house.

  1. Remembering the “We will make the Jonathan Administration Ungovernable.” Me think people eventually reap what they sow. Jonathan could’ve started the destruction of Nigeria if he so wanted, he could find simple reasons to reject the election results, reasons like – rigging accusations by pdp and apc, underage voters, etc. He is honored because of not clinging to power by all means thereby avoiding violence and bloodshed.
    Jonathan ruled Nigeria for 6 yrs, however, Nigeria has been subjected to a systematic rape and brutalizations of it’s people by past animals for over 50 years, even since when Jonathan could not spell the word -‘politic,’ Nigeria was always on its knees and always brutalized and perpetually raped by many of her past leaders. Kole, the truth is simple, – as Nigerians, we must kill the idea of Impunity and punish those who still harbor and boast about it, but to move forward, we must forget the acts of all our past leaders because these are ‘Acts of War’ against the Nigerian people. We must look for a ‘Buhari and Idiagbon’ all over again, Buhari without the murdered Idiagbon is a Nigeria hopping on one leg. The idea will be a Buhari and an un-forgiven Nigerian people who can and must punish those leaders and people who break the laws of our land. Again, we must find an Idiagbon to stand beside Buhari and tell every Nigerian, big or small, to behave and mean it, then and only then can Nigeria feel safe again, but for now, Nigeria is still in trouble; there will not be electricity or water, no good affordable health care system for old or young, many students are hopeless, life is cheaper than a can of Pepsi Cola, a Nigerian life, home or abroad, is worth as much as two pieces of peanuts as many of Nigerian Embassies forget why they exist in foreign countries in the first place, our police forces are zero equipped to investigate deaths or disappearances of humans. I feel sorry for our children who will play a part or be a part of a system of brutal vandalization of a Nigeria that ceased to exist long ago. We truly need to rebuild and start all over again without the old ideas that never worked. Until we find a Buhari Idiagbon recipe, we are in trouble.
    -So says The Poet.

  2. Like I told my friend the electorate have reached a point where failure to deliver means no second chance to right your mistakes. Political office holders now understand that it’s not business as usual. Jonathan was overwhelmingly voted for in 2011 because the electorate believed he could restructure the country and build up infrastructures which he wasn’t able to achieve. The electorates turned to Buhari out of sheer belief in his integrity which I believe and stand to be corrected no former leader of the nation has. It’s

    1. Too right Olaoluwa, the digital age we live in now will ensure that Buhari is the most scrutinised elected President in the history of Nigeria. I think he knows it too. I just hope people give him a chance.

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