Orlando Shooting: American Constitution Needs To Grow Sense Fast.

Orlando shooting: will this make America wake up? Image Credit: inhomelandsecurity.com

Orlando shooting: will this make America wake up? Image Credit: inhomelandsecurity.com

Why the Orlando shooting is just Business as usual.

Yesterday, I saw the most profound video about the recent Orlando shooting. The rest of us normal people who live anywhere else but America, have all banged our heads against the wall trying to understand Americans and their fanatical obsession with guns. The Orlando shooting is unfortunately just another episode in a long running soap opera. What truly fascinates me is that many Americans hardly see a problem with their gun-crazy culture; it is in their constitution, they will have you know. This same constitution has no provision for the protection of children in schools, worshippers in church or homosexuals in a nightclub. There is so much I can go into about gun crime in America but I’m almost certain you have seen it all and heard it all. I want this video to say it for me. Credit of course goes to the star of the video (Rob Buck) who, without saying but a few words demonstrated the absolute need for a rethink of the American Constitution and the right of Americans to bear arms.

The bizarreness about American gun culture even makes well-educated people justify the need for self-protection by saying even more guns are needed. Really? Haven’t enough people died? Whats worse is that as sure as rain, there will be more shooting and there will be more burying of head in the sand.  The video is just a minute long and amazes me even still. The video is credited to worldstarhiphop.com. Let us hope this latest shooting jolts some awakening into the American government. I am not holding my breath.

Kole Obasa

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2 thoughts on “Orlando Shooting: American Constitution Needs To Grow Sense Fast.

  1. I’m American. I do not believe guns needs to be eradicated. I believe we need to have stricter laws regarding who is able to purchase guns and a psychiatric evaluation should be completed before someone can own a gun. But to take away guns completely is foolish.

    1. You said it! Civilians should not have access to such firepower like the AR 15. Stricter laws and gun control, plus psychiatric evaluation has to be a must as you’ve rightly said, but in the long run will that be enough?

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