The Entrepreneurs Club.

The Entrepreneurs Club – Nobody Can Dream Your Dream For You.

In business, as is in life we all have to ultimately get to a point where we can stand on our own and go it alone.

Regardless of the support system you have around you, friends, family etc. as an entrepreneur, you are the only one capable of actually feeling your dream. Disappointments is an actual organ of life, and as such we must be prepared to accept it happens periodically (or frequently). Yes! things just happen and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

No matter your business idea or vision, no matter how you attempt to drive it and sell it to all around you, nobody is capable of feeling the intensity and desire like you.

With that said, I have come across a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs as well as established business owners in my time as an entrepreneur. Most of these guys (especially the aspiring ones) for one reason or the other have failed to chase their dreams and go one step further to start their own businesses.  Sad really!

Lack of funds, lack of support, lack of will-power are some of the reasons potentially game changing ideas have failed to see the light of day. It is our loss for sure. The world has and will continue to lose out on these start-up businesses. Established business owners also have their own issues – potentially damaging business related problems. Growth and expansion issues, tax and staffing issues as well as marketing have been problems faced by business owners today.

What is the solution? There are many articles,books and consultants claiming answers to these questions. These are proper issues needing proper answers, but unfortunately there are more questions than answers. I have a firm belief that in order to find the right answers, one must ask the experts…. those that have done it (and are doing it)……. experienced business owners…….

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I have taken it upon myself to do my bit to help. In the next couple of weeks, I will be travelling the length and breath of this country finding and speaking as well as filming established (and successful) business owners. I will pick their brains and provoke them to share practical knowledge and experience with all of us. I will cajole them to give advice to both aspiring and established business owners.

One thing is for sure, this promises to be a fascinating experience for all who are interested in business. I am sure I will learn a thing or two myself. If you are you want to start a business, you cant afford to miss this show. See preview below

Look out for the show on youtube – The Entrepreneurs Club….. Coming Soon!




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