Navigate the semester and year successfully and quickly with these 7 quick steps.

University Students.

Yes! In less than 2 weeks, most university students will get back to their various universities for the start of another academic year.
This most likely will fill most undergrads with trepidation, especially the ‘serious’ side of university.

It goes without saying that most students will look forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues, catching up on the ‘fun’ side of university life, the partying the drinking. But when you throw early morning lectures, assignments, projects, reports and exams in the mix, all of a sudden fear and anxiety take control.

Here’s a list of 7 ways to help you sail through the year very quickly and successfully.

Daily revision – From day one of lectures, plan a revision of every lecture at the end of every week. It’ll take 45 mins and it works wonders with the memory. Look at it this way, it’s better to revise in bits now than wait a week to the start of exams and revise a whole module then.
Attend all lectures – I really hate cliché’s but this one is true. No matter the level of your brain power if you attend all the lectures of all your modules, you don’t really have to be Einstein to at least achieve a ‘Pass’ in that module. Attending all lectures is 50% of module success. FACT!
Plan for your assignments – It will take only 5 weeks before most assignments are released, therefore, you should start planning and preparing for it before they are released. If you are smart enough, and are ready for the assignment, you’ll have sufficient time to complete them without any last-minute rush.
Plan for Christmas with assignments in mind. It will only take 12-13 weeks before the christmas break, use that time to plan your 2nd set of assignment submissions. Almost all undergrads i know (including this writer) fully enjoy their Christmas and New Year vacations knowing they can work on their assignments from the 2nd or 3rd of January. This leads to a mad rush in the new year to submit. There is sufficient time before christmas to finish these assignments and have nothing hanging over your heads during the christmas period.
Participate in a form of activity. Join a club or society; certainly one that you enjoy. In participating in a form of activity, time flies very quickly without you realising it and before you know it, 1st semester is locked down and you are steaming head first into your 2nd semester with the summer break beckoning.
Enjoy it! Do what you can to enjoy your time in Uni. If it seems like a chore, it’ll be a bore. If your semester drags along at snail’s pace, it simply means you are not enjoying your time and doing everything you should be doing with your time in Uni. Remember you’ve only got 3 years (maybe less) and that flies by so quickly. Do not be one of those ones that regret not enjoying your time in Uni.
Break down the semester into chunks. It makes it easier to swallow. 5(1) -7(3) – 1(1). No, thats not a football formation. Let me break this down 5(1) = 5 weeks of lectures with a week’s break or review week – 7(3) = you return for 7 weeks of lectures followed by 3 week christmas break – then you have your 1(1) = a week for exams and a week break before 2nd semester starts. Got it?
Follow these steps and the semester and year will fly past; it’ll soon be time to dust your flip-flops for another summer vacation.

Kole Obasa

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