Maypac – Its not good vs evil.

Is it Good vs Evil?

Good vs Evil? Not as straightforward as it seems.

Some say its Beauty vs Beast, while others say its Light vs Dark, truth be told, when you look at the general picture, both camps are trying their hardest to portray or sell a definite perception to us all.

YES! I’m talking about boxing.

Manny – do-gooder, overall nice guy – preacher – family man – people’s champion – underdog – statesman and politician who believes in God and also believes in his own brand  of Good vs Evil ‘knows’ his time has come. Has fought more fights but has lost more. Sells a solid brand of Mr Good Guy and has us all having no choice but to sympathise with his cause and support him.

Floyd – controversial, arrogant sonofa….., no respect, has more money than some countries in Africa, believes in nothing but cash money and the art of spending it properly. Has fought less fights, but won more and is quick to tell you he’s the ‘supreme athlete’ (and rightly so). Walks around with bundles of ‘Benjamins’ in his back pocket, just because he can.

Manny tells us he has a heart, Floyd tells us he doesn’t give a damn about heart because he can’t spell it.

So the competition is settled then. As normal everyday people who believe in right and wrong Manny definitely wins this one right? Oh no no no, its not as simple as that. Floyd didn’t get where he got by pure chance, he got there because the man is good, SUPER GOOD.

Disregard good versus evil, disregard bad versus good, this is not even  based on who wants it more (obviously both do) this is completely a comparison of the better boxer. Floyd is a scientific fighter, very cunning and very hard to catch. When you watch him fight, you feel you are watching a chess player. Only difference is he’s not boring, he’s simply awesome.

Manny on the other hand is lightening quick, one of those ones you can’t drop your guard against, even for a split second. Constantly in motion; he will punish you. He’ll try his hardest to break Floyd down in the first couple of rounds and I see a flurry of punches in the first 3 rounds. Oh, did I mention he’s a nice guy?

I love me some God, and I try to shine on the right side of good, but something, just something tells me on this occasion, it aint gonna be as straightforward as that. Decipher that as best you can.

Kole Obasa

2 thoughts on “Maypac – Its not good vs evil.

  1. You certainly called this one right, bro! Even ‘liking’ Pacquiao all the more after seeing him sporting an Arsenal shirt didn’t get me believing he could win it… and after the 1st round, I’m sure nobody was in doubt Money would win… Anyway, I can’t say Manny lost after banking with $80 mill (or was it more?)

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