Impossible is Possible

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Another very fascinating article from my friend Princess. Here she talks about the power of positive thinking. In many ways, the word impossible represents a complete dead-end. It shouldn’t be. You can turn impossible into an advantage to work for you. It should really urge each and every one of us to go further just to prove our doubters wrong. It is particularly important for Entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with the word Impossible because doubters will throw it at you many times, if you are made of weak stuff, you will never be able to accomplish your goals.

Personally, I like the word impossible because it makes me say to the world….. JUST WATCH ME. Enjoy the article……..

Today, most of us define words according to what the dictionary says or what some writer or group of scholars has penned down, but then a few have the courage and brevity to create their own definition to suit their dreams and objectives…. smart ones!

According to the dictionary, the word IMPOSSIBLE means ‘not possible, that can not occur, exist, be done, not convenient, not believable’. I am very sure you are conversant with the above listed meanings, but then I have got my own personal life definition of the word IMPOSSIBLE.

IMPOSSIBLE to me means “I (Princess) makes possible.

Yes! For with the power available within me, I can do all things – I make possible what seems impossible.

Back in my university days, there was a time we had no electricity and water for months, people would go to the stream to fetch water, while I would wait till they got back and then I would beg for a bowl of water from hall mates to make up a bucket of water, so I could bath, then this great day came and hall mates had agreed not to share their water with me, saying I have to go to the stream just as they did to fetch mine, I pleaded as usual but No! they all said to me, they left for the stream and I left for the dry tap within my hostel, knelt down and began to pray for the tap to run and fill my bucket. Guess what?

The tap did run and my bucket and other bowls were filled with water!!! Laughing, my first major miracle, they all got back and were shocked to find me all bathed and clean with extra buckets of water. Who says the impossible doesn’t happen? It does all the time but first, you must believe and act.

What is your own definition of IMPOSSIBLE?

Walt Disney, the man who changed the face of entertainment more than any other person, was widely regarded as an impossible thinker. He was such a strong impossible thinker that if he told his team that they were going to do something and all of them got excited about it and said “let’s go for it, we can do it” he would change his mind and decide on something else, if he shared the idea and they all said “this is impossible, it can not be achieved”, he would get excited and say ” that’s exactly what we would do”, he would encourage them, push them and more often than not, he and his team would achieve the impossible! Power of positive thought and unity…

We all can do the impossible!

There’s nothing that will make your life glorious and sweet as stretching yourself to do great positive things that you thought impossible, it’s better to try and fail, than not to try at all!!!

Get up! Get started!!! Keep moving.

You have got great power within you, awaken that dormant gift or talent, there is a good in you that the world needs… don’t hoard it dear!!!

The hour has come, make use of the power within you for good today.

By Princesswealth


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3 thoughts on “Impossible is Possible

  1. Hi Kole – We all have times when we are filled with self-doubt but this article is inspirational. Never give up, believe in your abilities and have the courage of your own convictions is the way I would interpret this. – Michael

  2. Yes completely in support there is nothing like impossible but the power in us that is making us turning impossible to possible is indeed the power of God, is not by our might but by His might.

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