Hillary Clinton – The reasons she failed.

Ouch! Hillary Clinton could have won but for these 3 reasons.

Ouch! Hillary Clinton could have won but for these 3 reasons. Pic courtesy of conservativeoutfitters.com

3 main reasons Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump! 3 words I never thought I and many others would ever utter. It is the day after America and the rest of the world was turned on its head and a very loud, very weird but very intelligent businessman was voted in as the leader of arguably the most powerful nation on earth. Those who didn’t stay glued to the various news channels giving live periodic updates went to bed expecting to see Hillary Clinton crowned as POTUS. What a shock when they all woke up. For during the course of the night, America spoke, and they spoke loudly. Perhaps that is part of the problem; Hillary Clinton was seen as a safe bet. Surely, she couldn’t lose to the DT; except she did, and it was bruising, it was crushing and many are still reeling from the shocker, including leaders of many nations.

So what happened? How did Hillary lose to Trump? It was obvious then, as it is obvious now. If the Democrats and other left-wing parties in this world don’t buck up their ideas, there are many Donald Trumps waiting on the sidelines to shake up politics and create a new world order. Having followed the most brutal election campaign at least in my lifetime, I believe these 3 reasons combined to hijack the presidency from Hillary.

#1 – The Obama effect. This is the biggest reason for me. Whether you like him or not, after 8 years of Barrack Obama’s tenure, America (and indeed Americans) screamed for change (unsurprising if the US have also contributed to various regime changes globally). It is a fact that after 2 terms, most Americans strive for something different; c’mon people, it’s always the case. Al Gore couldn’t manage to take over from Bill Clinton because Americans were tired of Bill Clinton, Simple. They were tired of his policies, tired of his mistakes, even tired of seeing his face on TV. So they demanded change, and all George Bush had to do was ride on that wave of change and even though he lost the popular vote, he won the white house through the electoral college votes. Fast forward 15 years and the same thing has happened. Obama was starting to rub people the wrong way. People were fed up of not just him as a person, but what he stood for; liberalism, obamacare, foreign policies, gay marriage. They couldn’t put up with it anymore. Enter Donald Trump; he knew this and tapped into this very strongly. He said what people wanted to hear and exploited people’s insecurities. How did that concern Hillary Clinton? Simple, she was endorsed by Obama and had no choice but to embrace what he stood for. In other words, she would have been an extension of Barrack Obama’s government for another 8 years. Hell No! Most Americans didn’t want that, most Americans didn’t want Obama governing through Hillary for another 8 years. It’s that simple. I do feel sorry for Hillary, and I wanted her to be president but the writing was on the wall. I particularly feel sorry for her because she couldn’t push agendas different from Obama’s because that would mean Obama’s policies were either dated or wrong. She was stuck and had no choice but to ride the Obama wave. Some people don’t like Obama (surprise surprise), not just because he is black, but because most find him too liberal. Hillary paid for that dearly.

#2 – Hillary is the Establishment – Oh yes she was. Hillary Clinton became a Senator even before her husband left office in 2001. This made her the first (and only) woman to have held an elected office while serving as first lady. She held that office for 2 terms; in fact, for her re-election in 2006, she spent $36 million for her campaign;  more than any other candidate for Senate in the 2006 elections. In 2008, she ran for president. Her opponent was Barrack Obama and narrowly lost to him in the primaries. When Obama became president, he made her Secretary of State, a post she held till February 2013; she later declared her intention to run for president in the 2016 elections. This all means that after her husband left office in 2001, she has been part of American politics till 2016; that’s 15 years. She definitely epitomised the establishment and people fear the establishment. Americans that voted for Trump could simply not stand another 8 years of Hillary Clinton.

#3 -Leftism/ Liberalism – Let’s not take anything away from Donald Trump. No matter what you think of him, he is a smart, shrewd and very successful business man. I don’t know where people get the idea that he is a failed business man. Some of his business ventures failed, that does not mean he is not successful. Hillary came up against a formidable opponent, an opponent that was discounted and overlooked, but that is not the main reason she lost. She lost because there is a political wind blowing from left to right; particularly in the western world. This explains Brexit and the rise of very many right-wing political parties all over Europe. I think left-wing parties such as Democrats, Labour in England and Christian Democratic Union in Germany need to wake up and smell the coffee. The common, everyday person is listening to alternatives from right-wing parties and duly making silent changes when they are alone at polling stations. Leftist policies are in danger of destroying the core of western society. How is it possible for Angela Merkel to accept over a million refugees from Syria/Iraq without vetting, then complain when cities in Paris, Brussels and Germany are attacked by the extremists who sneaked in with these refugees? Christmas trees/Carols prohibited in some counties and departmental stores because it will cause offence; A rapist and murderer not deported because deporting him will infringe on his human rights. These are real life leftist policies and surely, everyday people will revolt against such policies. Right wing parties are springing up everywhere because they are saying things people want to hear; just like Donald Trump. The Democratic party in the US is as left-wing as they come and of course Hillary Clinton running for presidency would have been the leader of a left-wing party that was not listening to its people. France will see change too with Marine Le Pen and so will Austria and I’m afraid Angela Merkel will also fall. Every of our fears and nightmares will come to pass because the Left wing has become too complacent, too liberal and have gone too far in their madness. This contributed to Hillary’s failure. Personally, I love the woman and I hope the Democrats can regroup and put their house in order to challenge Trump and the republicans the next time round.

If they don’t . . .

Kole Obasa

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