GEJ or GMB? I choose common sense.

Nigeria Elections 2015 promises to be the most significant for a generation.

I keep wondering to myself, those that support GEJ and his govt., those that say any alternative will be ‘worse’, those that get angry and defensive by any talk of GEJ’s shortcomings, are they really on to something we all don’t know?

I am totally for freedom of speech and expression, but it just strikes me as bizarre how some people will get so mad when you point out GEJ’s faults.

I am most surprised by those in diaspora (wey sabi speak big english) they have not experienced what home based Nigerians are experiencing, they claim not to be GEJ’s apologists and certainly, they don’t get any kickbacks from him, but yet they staunchly defend him, even to the point of drawing battle lines with long time friends. What are we missing?

Would it not be wise for people to understand that if ‘a lot of people’ say something is broken, then perhaps it’s broken? Am I missing something?

I won’t slander GEJ, I won’t point out what is blatant to see to all regarding GEJ, I won’t endorse APC or GMB, but Christ! I shall endorse change. I shall endorse that which is different from what makes it that much more easier to breath as a Nigerian living abroad. I shall endorse a GOAT, as long as he promises to effect a change to the living standards Nigerians experience.

I will endorse anything as far as it’s something NEW. GEJ has been given a chance, it doesn’t look like he has succeeded, so, on that basis alone, please bring on someone else. Old, corrupt, heavy handed General none-withstanding.

Kole Obasa

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