Donald Trump: Will A Good Businessman Make a Good President?

Donald Trump is only saying what America wants him to say.

Donald Trump: Just saying what Americans want him to say

Donald Trump: Just saying what Americans want him to say. Picture:

Today I will be talking about our cousins across the pond. Following what happened on Tuesday, I think it is time we all sat up and take Donald Trump seriously, very seriously. For on Tuesday night, he captured Northeastern America by quite a margin. Personally, I expected him to do well, but to falter in some weak regions like Connecticut; but Mr Trump not only did well, he basically smashed it almost everywhere.

All pre-election predictions and polls can now be dumped in the bin because things are definitely not conforming to script. His victory on Tuesday now means he has more delegates than was previously expected and getting a majority is certainly a possibility.

Now that we know this, shouldn’t we start taking this man seriously? Isn’t it time we start considering the possibility of Donald Trump occupying the White House and carrying the POTUS monicker? Obviously, the race is far from over and there will be a lot more twists and turns before America votes between a Republican and Democratic candidate for who would have the privilege of wearing the garb of the ‘Most Powerful Man in the World’ – The President Of The United States (POTUS)

In some quarters, this elections is a foregone conclusion – Hilary Clinton will win it. Apparently she is the safe bet. This same people base their theory on the fact that they feel it is simply impossible for a’crass’ like Donald Trump to be elected president by Americans. Really? Truth be told, when the whole election thing started, I initially thought Mr Trump was a man out to enjoy himself, have some fun and disrupt the status quo. But now, I honestly believe he is in it to win it. Even stalwarts in his own party have tried (and failed) to sabotage this unstoppable steam roller. Remember when Mitt Romney came out to tell Americans not to vote Trump? Well, that backfired spectacularly and only ended up showing Donald Trump’s resilience.  Donald Trump is close to picking up the delegates he needs for his ticket and many people are worried; why though?

What makes this man so divisive, so polarising, so hated by some parts in America and even the world? If we put sentiments aside, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves if he will make a good president? Without doubt, Donald Trump has the best interest of America at heart; he is American through and through; surely thats a good thing right? Well, not according to most people.

So, I decided to watch some of his rallies, and listen to some of his speeches and it suddenly became clear to me. Donald Trump is only saying what America wants to say, BUT he is saying it crudely. And that my friends is why he is so hated. First off, I do not agree with all he says and all he believes in; its not even possible. I am a coloured man and there has been some statements about coloured people too. But so also has there been statements about Mexicans and Muslims and Women and Nigerians (or was that Africans?). Sure, the man is rough around the edges but glaring evidence suggests he is clearly saying things that most Americans want him to say. He is only saying it crudely.

Donald Trump is an entrepreneur, a very successful one. Most entrepreneurs I know have predatory instincts; they are sharks that pounce when they smell blood (opportunities). Additionally, Entrepreneurs, particularly the very successful ones can be shrewd, one-track minded and exhibit behaviour that some people could term nasty or crude. These traits are what Donald Trump have started bringing to bear in his presidential bid. Donald Trump is approaching this presidential race as he would any uncharted business venture by giving it everything in his arsenal without stopping to consider what anybody thinks.

Some people say he is out of his depth and doesn’t understand governance. For a man with over 17 multi-million dollars worth of real estate and other businesses, I think he has that one covered. But can a successful businessman make a successful president? Again, I don’t think the concern is whether he can govern a country, I think the fear (at least from most quarters) is whether he has the credentials to govern a country.

My view of Donald Trump is certainly NOT that of a spoilt, jumped up white boy with designs on the white house. No way! I see an intelligent, shrewd businessman who wants the opportunity to run his country differently from how it is presently run (as he perceives it).

He wants to crush Islamic State quickly and decisively; anything wrong with that? He says his foreign policy will only put the interest of America first, he wants to resurrect the tired American war machine (they do love their wars don’t they?), he wants to curb immigration and he wants to promote ‘American Values’. Now forgive me if I’m wrong,  but shouldn’t all leaders worth their salt want the same things too? Well, at least some of them?

World leaders have pussy-footed and dilly-dallied for so long about the Islamic State issue and they not only continue to remain a threat, they are actually expanding but Mr Trump has made them his priority and has famously said he would ‘ban all muslims’ coming into his country; CRAZY, I know but some Americans have the same view – THEY ARE JUST NOT SAYING IT. That is why he is still so popular, because he’s helping them say it.  Most nations, including the one I live in have struggled with immigration for so long; Donald Trump’s answer to that is to only allow the best of the best into his country. For that and many others, he was labelled a racist. Is he racist though? Maybe, who knows – as a man of colour myself, I’ll probably be pelted with eggs (or stronger objects) if I attend one of his rallies. What is known though is the ease at which the label of racism is thrown around these days.

I do not agree with everything Donald Trump says but he is only saying them because America wants him to say them. If he doesn’t, he won’t be so popular. He knows what they want and he’s giving it to them; A TRUE BUSINESSMAN. So, can he win it? Yes he can. Will he win? probably not. Whatever the case, we must be prepared for an America with Donald Trump at the helm of affairs; will that be such a bad thing?

Kole Obasa

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