Consistency! Hitting the Bull’s Eye All The Time.

Consistency is one of the most important business attributes for Entrepreneurs

Consistency; hitting the bull’s-eye all the time is important for business owners. Image credit:

While visiting a local fast food joint the other day, I noticed something striking…. my favourite meal on the menu tasted significantly different from the last time I had eaten it at that same restaurant.

So basically, I am saying, SAME RESTAURANT, SAME CHEF, SAME FOOD, but VERY DIFFERENT TASTE. And not a very good one too. I can very easily say after that experience I wouldn’t be going back to that restaurant again….. which means they have LOST A CUSTOMER.

This is probably the case with many of their returning customers. Quite a shame really because I quite enjoyed their meal the last time I was there.

Consistency, for established business owners is something that can very easily be overlooked but is a major reason why return customers simply refuse to come back.

If you own a business, or about to start one and you are not absolutely on point with how consistent your product or service is, then you have no business starting or looking to start one. Very simple.

Ok, this is what you need to do, if you are lucky enough that your product (or service) has been accepted by the public (market) then you need to get down to the most minute detail with what made them accept it. You should basically be trying to repeat WHAT WORKS. It’s ok to constantly innovate in order to drive your business forward, but NEVER EVER attempt to change what already works. Think about it….. McDonalds (though they innovate constantly) will never change their signature meals (Big Mac, McMuffin etc) neither will Burger King (Double Whopper etc)

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Microsoft etc WILL NEVER change their core business models even if they innovate constantly to improve their status quo. It’s almost as if Apple forgets to add the email feature to one of their new release iPhones. Not being consistent in business is an elementary mistake that could prove costly to your business.

Get in the habit of repeating your successes. This goes for restauranteurs, bloggers, authors; generally all business owners.

Certainly, there is always a temptation to change or re-jig certain aspects of your business, but is it worth it? Have you considered the risk?

It’s always best to:

  1. Innovate with your competition in mind.
  2. Resist the temptation to over-innovate to an extent that your original model is unrecognisable.
  3. Resist the temptation to change what actually works.
  4. Get feedback from your customers to make sure they are satisfied with what you are offering.
  5. As a restaurateur – write down successful recipe.

There are major factors that stop businesses from moving forward or starting like funds, expertise, will power etc but there are also elementary factors that do the same such as consistency. To increase the chances of your business longevity, you should eliminate TOTALLY the elementary factors.

Kole Obasa


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3 thoughts on “Consistency! Hitting the Bull’s Eye All The Time.

  1. Totally true. The sole aim of a business is to render a service or deliver products with a fair degree of consistency in the quality. Businesses that have learnt to do this will continue to not only thrive but retain their customers.

  2. Excellent article. Do remember though that even in the best run organisations consistency slips occasionally. I remember looking at a takeaway menu once and it said something along these lines “If you are not satisfied with our food please tell us and not other people.” That way they have the opportunity to do something to please the customer without causing damage to their reputation by that customer “bad mouthing” them to other people and also alerts them to the fact that they are being inconsistant and need to swiftly address this.

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