A Letter For President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama. Pic courtesy AP.

President Barack Obama. Pic courtesy AP.

President Barack Obama, this is for you.

Hey Barry,

What’s happening!

As your reign comes to an end, I can’t help but reminisce about your tenure. I was a bit cynical when I found out a young black Senator was running for the POTUS seat; I remember telling my brother in law I thought you were a flash in the pan, attention seeker, y’know that kind of thing like our own Chuka Umunna. I was transiting in Amsterdam on the night I heard of your win. It took me a while to take notice of the significance of your win, well…..till the abuse started. It was only then I knew you had done something truly special.

I must say though that I never agreed with some of your policies; I don’t think you did enough for people of colour in America although to be fair, they don’t seem to want to help themselves. What is wrong is wrong, and even though you played no part in the Iraq war or the killing of Saddam Hussein, America’s meddling in the middle east is the number 1 cause of ISIS today. And you are the leader of America. Some of your decisions in Syria and Libya have empowered ISIS and they are more powerful today than they have ever been. This happened under your watch.
Many lives have been lost, many families have wept at the hands of ISIS. Those lives cannot be replaced and you know this.

But then your job is a thankless one, you simply can’t please everyone. You did your best, and for that I have the utmost respect. Your causes were noble but your opponents never really gave you a chance, undercutting you at every corner. I mean, what can be so horrible about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obamacare?

You inspired a generation of people; blacks and whites. My son wants to be like you and one day, he will probably lead his nation. You made that possible because right now, people take minorities seriously. Your name meant something all over the word. Barack Obama, Barack Obama, damn that name meant something. I’ll let you in on a little secret… I told people we are related… my surname is Obasa, which in a way kinda sound like Obama so I said we were cousins. Yes! Barack Obama is my cousin.

Sadly some people (including close friends) hid behind freedom-of-speech to exhibit their racist tendencies by laying into you and Michelle. Most of us had to endure overt and covert racial slurs because some people found it easier to mouth off since they thought every black person should be grateful you are POTUS. No human should be labelled with some of the names you and Michelle were called. Yet you endured all that with the biggest microscope on you and your family. I respect you tremendously for that.

I think you are a good father too, and probably a good husband. Well, I wouldn’t know about that because I ain’t your wife. Sasha and Malia seem to be well-grounded and respectful kids, and that is all down to you and Michelle. Actually, I’m sure it’s mostly Michelle though since she seems like the tougher one of the Obamas. But that’s alright though because you get to do all the other cool stuff like having control of the Nuclear War Heads and chilling with all other Presidents and Heads of States like you. Oh, lets not forget Air Force One… I bet you would love to take that with you into civilian life… I would.

Hey, I heard you might be planning to go into Media when you leave office; I am in Media too, we should hook up and do something together. We can talk about that later though.

Barry, you personified the word ‘Cool’. You and Michelle were just the ultimate power couple; Jay and Beyoncé ain’t got shit on you. I can unapologetically say you are the most eloquent President America ever had, and I’m not saying that just because you are black.

So au revoir my friend, you have done your bit. Posterity will remember you . . . I and millions of others will too.

Your homie,

Kole Obasa….. of ThisKoleObasa.com

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