The Nigerian President And His Battle With Hyenas and Jackals.

Nigerian President Buhari has hyenas and jackals to contend with. Photo credit: CNN

Nigerian President Buhari has hyenas and jackals to contend with. Photo credit: CNN

You know how they say politics is ‘dog eat dog?’ well, in Nigeria, it is ‘hyena eat hyena,’ or ‘jackal eat jackal,’ depending on the political camp. Since her husband’s incapacitation following an illness since May, Aisha Buhari took to Facebook to say “The Hyenas and Jackals will soon be sent out of the kingdom” in a cryptic reply to a senator’s post. For those of us watching from the sidelines, we decoded the message instantly and understood the bloody nature of the politics and the drama unfolding in Nigeria.

The hyenas and jackals are indeed circling and that’s because they can smell blood; Buhari’s blood. Out of the country since May 7th, after only returning from a 7-week stint earlier in the year, President Buhari’s only communication with his country has only been through written statements. Because of this, rumours abound in the land, some even claimed he was already dead. The president’s handlers have always been fighting a raging fire, trying to salvage his reputation since his absence, and I must say, their efforts has been SHAMBOLIC. It annoys me that President Buhari’s media handlers first tried to pull the wool over all our eyes by saying he just went to london for ‘a check up,’ it took 7 whole weeks for Nigerians to see a President they voted overwhelmingly for just a few years ago. The media machine certainly forgot we now live in the age of Facebook and Twitter. My annoyance doesn’t end there, now Mr President has returned to London for another ‘check up,’ information on his whereabouts, his treatment, etc has now completely dried up. What we now see are pictures of Mr President waving from a window, or sitting in front of a Telly.

Recently, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo visited London to see his boss for a few hours last week. On his return, he assured Nigerians Mr President is recovering very fast and would be back home ‘very shortly.’ Can someone please tell me… what is so wrong with a 74-year-old man taking ill? Why cant the office of the president come out and tell Nigerians the truth about the illness of their president? I am confident if they did, Nigerians will support him till the very end. They still do actually. President Buhari is no longer the young army officer we saw take power in the 80’s. He’s now ageing, and the ageing process has been expedited by his fight with corruption and powerful politicians who are hell-bent on seeing the ruin of that country. These are the hyenas and jackals that have now sensed that the president may now be weak and no longer fit for the job.

Make no mistake, there is serious power play in the background in Abuja and all over Nigeria. Make no mistake, Yemi Osinbajo and his god father Bola Tinubu, Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and present Senate President, Bukola Saraki, are all jostling for that seat.

God forbid, anything happens to President Buhari, power should transfer automatically to Osinbajo, but the Northern elites would want one of their own to step into the position. His god father Bola Tinubu will back his man to the hilt, and Tinubu is arguably the most powerful politician in the south-west. Then you have (in my opinion) the second most powerful of the hyenas, Bukola Saraki. As Senate president, he could agree to remove Buhari on advice from a medical panel which he can set up as senate president. Doing this could afford him the opportunity to become Osinbajo’s Vice President or run for presidency himself in 2019. This of course will remain an option if Buhari is unable to continue as president.

Where does that leave the rest of us then? Any consideration for us? Do we have a say in all this? Do we have a say in our own future? ….in who we collectively want to rule us? Or should we just leave it to the strongest Hyena or Jackal?

I am a big supporter of President Buhari, he had good intentions for the country, but even I know when you fight corruption, it fights back. Unfortunately, he seems to be succumbing to some nasty beasts and power brokers in and out of his government. I ask God to preserve our President’s life. He has fought a good fight.

Personally though, when President finishes his first term in 2019,  I think we need a completely NEW LEADER, with a NEW VISION who can take Nigeria to the promised land. Is there someone capable of doing that in Nigeria presently? I believe there is, and for me, it won’t matter if he’s Hausa, Ibo or Yoruba…. state of origin does not matter to me… state of origin shouldn’t matter to you.

What matters, and should forever matter is good governance, transparency and God-fearing leadership.

Arise ye, son of Nigerian soil and lead your people with clean hands and a good heart.

Kole Obasa



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