5 Solid Ways To Use Social Media For Your Business.

Social media for your business.

Use social media for your business. Pic: www.vandelaydesign.ccom

Here’s how to let social media serve you.

“Social media is the ultimate equaliser. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage” – Amy Jo Martin

Having a few social media accounts is not just trendy these days, its more or less a necessity. The phenomenon has basically overtaken us all with practically half the world subscribing to one social media account or the other. The brilliant creators behind these social networking services intended their users to primarily connect with other users on other sites and then leave room for other types of usage.

While it is enjoyable using social media as a tool for your amusement or to pass away the time  while seating on a train on the way to work, you could actually use them as tools to benefit you and your business. If you are a business owner, or planning to start a business, learning social media skills has proven to be invaluable in marketing your company and attracting new customers. Yes, it is nice to catch up with friends, post pictures of your vacation and/or follow your favourite celebrity, but you should take the opportunities offered by these services to promote what’s yours. Its time to let social media work for you. Below are 5 ways you could use social media for business:

1- FacebookIn my opinion, Facebook is the cheapest and most efficient way to advertise your business. Why pay exorbitant fees to market your company when you could actually do it on Facebook for a fraction of the price? Starting from just £3/day (on a private account) you could advertise your company (product or service) to potentially 1.4 billion people with 900 million daily visitors.

2- TwitterWith twitter, hashtags is not just a trendy word, you can use them quite effectively to promote your business, or to follow trending stories, people or businesses. Using twitter also allows you access to 332 million active users who could potentially be your clients too. As well as a personal account, you can create a business account using your company name, build followers, follow other companies and use hashtags to constantly promote yourself and your company; just like this – #ThisKoleObasa is a #Blog about #Entrepreneurship.

3- LinkedInThis is the most serious of them all. LinkedIn can be described as ‘Facebook for professionals’. So where you have individuals posting pictures of their lunches on Facebook, people will post their professional qualifications and seminars they attended on LinkedIn. This means you can connect with other business owners and establish excellent contacts.

4- PinterestParticularly good if your business involves products; with Pinterest you can post pictures of your products or find pictures of other products. You can also create boards of your niche and interests and invite others to contribute to the board. Fashion designers, traders and even bakers have benefited from having their products on Pinterest.

5- InstagramIf you have a photo or a short video, you can share it on Instagram to 400 million active monthly users. Just like Pinterest, you can upload pictures of your company, company logo or your products on Instagram, but perhaps the beauty of Insta is the ability to also upload a 15 second video. Think about it, that’s like uploading your very own 15 second advert free of charge. 

It is one thing to have several social media accounts, but knowing what to do with them is the key to successfully engaging potential clients and customers. Social media platforms has effectively given us all the opportunity to effectively generate business leads and promote our businesses efficiently. So while you are busy viewing pictures of Kanye West’s newborn you should be thinking about marketing your business to him; who knows, he might be interested. Do you use social media for your business?

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7 thoughts on “5 Solid Ways To Use Social Media For Your Business.

  1. Loved your post – especially with Instagram where you broke it down by saying you get 15 seconds of a free advert video … such a great way to look at it. Instagram’s my biggest account, but I’m forcing myself to slowly try to grow my other social media accounts, too. Slow and steady wins the race, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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