4 Advertising Tactics To Consider For Your Business

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Advertising tactics – Coca Cola v Pepsi. Pic courtesy:beawaremarketingiseverwhere.wordpress.com

Controversial Advertising Tactics Included. 

“The person who stops advertising to save money is the person who stops the clock to save time”

Ok, so you have launched your start up business, you have a shop or built a website or run a small business (like DiamantePro) and your business is in full flow. Now what? You need to market it right? Or if you already do, what strategies (or tactics do you use)?

Efficient marketing is one of the most fundamental aspects of a business for so many reasons. Putting your products out there in the marketplace is no longer enough these days, you need to be able to constantly encourage customers to buy them.  One of the best ways to do this is by speaking a marketing language called advertising.  I have always maintained that constant marketing is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of any entrepreneur; because with marketing, you can always position yourself or your business in every potential customer’s mind. With advertising (properly) you can hardly lose.

Now, there are several ways to advertise your business; here are 4 of the most efficient ones:

Comparative Advertising (this means war)this is not just comparing your product to that of your competitor; this is actually going for the jugular and basically rubbishing the competitor’s product. Practising comparative marketing means naming your competitor and laying claim (overtly or covertly) that their own product is not just as good as yours, but also inferior. By engaging this type of advertising, you must be prepared as a business owner to expect a reciprocal form of backlash from your competitor. And that is why I do not recommend this form of advertising to small business owners and start ups. It is fantastic for bigger companies who have the financial clout to compete strongly in an advert war.

Here are a few examples:

Advertising tactics

Advertising tactics – Coca Cola v Pepsi. Pic courtesy:beawaremarketingiseverwhere.wordpress.com

Advertising tactics

Advertising tactics

Advertising wards

This means war advertising. Pic courtesy of: legalindia.com

Ironic Advertisingas the name suggests, this is where you use a bit of irony or sarcasm in your advertising campaign. It is quirky, mostly clean form of advertising which is quite efficient. It is still a form of comparative advertising, but rather than slander the competition, you basically present the public with an irony of your competitor’s message. If done properly, it registers in the mind of the public, making it pretty difficult for them to forget your product. I quite enjoy ironic advertising because it can be creative, however, it must be done properly and the message must be understood for the intended punchline to be strong.

Here’s an example:

Ironic advertising

An example of ironic advertising. Pic courtesy of: coolerinsights.com

Irritation AdvertisingLess mainstream but very effective. The whole point of this type of advertising is to provoke enough irritation (or be obnoxious enough) to be remembered. Silvan Heach (an Italian fashion designer for women) famously put up a billboard showing a scantily clad lady in an Italian city. The advert irritated people no end (especially women) however, most men weren’t put off by the advert and it later turned out that majority of their customers were men who went to their stores to buy for their women. Another usage of this type of advertising campaign can be to send a message about the risk of buying a particular product (e.g. Cigarettes).  If you are an entrepreneur with a small business or a start up, is the risk of irritation advertising worth considering?

Here’s an example:

Marketing tactics

Irritation tactic, but it works.

irritation advert

Irritation advert with the sole purpose of discouraging smoking. Courtesy bbc.co.uk

Teaser Advertisingwhen you launch an advertising campaign that consists of small, cryptic messages in order to engage the public and make them anticipate something larger in the offing, then you are teaser-advertising. I call it a ‘coming soon’ advert. With teaser advertising, it’s like leaving tiny pieces of information for potential customers making them crave for more. By far, my favourite form of advertising because the process itself leads up to a grand finale which in most cases is the launch of your product. In my opinion, this is the best form of advertising for start ups.

Advertising tactic

A coming soon advert . Pic courtesy of:stephanierogersbcu.tumblr.com

DiamantePro are experts at utilising these tactics with business photography and videography. You should give them a call for your marketing needs. As a business owner, what type of advertising tactics have you engaged in? Which one works for you? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “4 Advertising Tactics To Consider For Your Business

  1. Well done on this piece, Kole! I find that Social Enterprise/Community Transformation Advertising works well too. This focuses on what the sale of a certain number of products could do for a certain segment of the society/a particular community. Although, this directly connects and must align with the CSR/corporate values/strategy of the business, it is one that challenges businesses and organisations to think about what they can give back to society and what the real value of their product/service is. For example, an advertising pitch re a product could highlight what a quarter of the sale from 1000 pieces of a product that costs N1000 per piece could do for a hungry child in a remote part of Abeokuta. This kind of advertising appeals to the emotion of potential customers and challenges them to think beyond satisfying their own needs. Of course, this only works when the business has the mind to contribute even a tiny fraction of their profit to the communities in which they exist.

    1. Much appreciated Toluwani, thank you for stopping by. You are right, Social enterprise advertising works very well too since the benefits as you stated are driven more by social change (and upward movement) rather than just pure profit. I agree completely. Unfortunately, CSR’s these days are just fads/trends that most companies follow to satisfy a moral requirement. As such, they don’t care about the ‘hungry child in abeokuta’ Such a shame. I like your angle, if most companies (even individuals) consider this when trading, let alone advertising, we might be living in a relatively better world today. Thanks again Toluwani for stopping by. See you again soon.

  2. Thanks for this break down. I’ve considered light advertising for my art (not a full time business) and this is a really interesting crash course on the types of advertising.

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