Is Black History Month Over-Celebrated?

Morgan Freeman and his view on Black History Month.

Morgan Freeman and his view on Black History Month.

Do we need to celebrate Black History Month at all?

I have mad love for Morgan Freeman; he is without doubt one of my all time favourite actors. The way he carries himself in all his movies – pure awesomeness!! There will probably be no one like him again, since his type come around once in a lifetime. Then he gave an interview about Black History Month.

In the interview, he was very clear that he does not subscribe to the whole Black History Month movement. A lot of people will not agree with what he says about the subject but saying he does not agree with relegating the whole of black history to one month is quite valid isn’t it? As we know, there isn’t a ‘Jewish History Month’ or a ‘Chinese History Month’. The interesting twist came when I interviewed Larry Walker for The Gist. Larry is the main organiser of Black History Month in Colchester, Essex and his views on the subject is different and more importantly quite contradictory to that of Morgan Freeman. This is what made this interview quite interesting. Enjoy the video below. Please share your comments.

Kole Obasa

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