President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Newsweek)

I’m Not Dying, And I’m Not Stepping Down – Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Newsweek)
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Newsweek)

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe on Saturday said he was not stepping down nor dying. The 93-year-old who is yet to identify a successor said there was no one in Zimbabwe with his political stature who could take over from him immediately.

The president addressed his supporters at a local university near Harare. He said: “The president is dying. I am not dying. I will have an ailment here and there but bodywise, all my internal organs … very firm, very strong.

A new man will not have the same stature and the same acceptance as I have managed to secure for the party over the years,” he said when he walked on stage unassisted.

Recently, the ruling party has been divided over the issue of his replacement. A faction supports Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa while the other supports Mugabe’s wife Grace. On Thursday, Grace challenged Mugabe to name his preferred successor, to end divisions over the future leadership of ZANU-PF.



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