This is what Bruce Lee feels about failure.

Failure is definitely an option.

I really hate cliché blog posts. Somehow though, it is also as important as it is original for everyone to relate with this post.

What am I saying? Am I actually saying failure is worth embracing? Definitely!

I am saying you CANNOT be a successful entrepreneur without experiencing some sort of failure. I am also saying failure helps shape the outlook of your business life.

When I started out in business, I was gonna change the world with my inventions. But I can easily say my high flying confidence was knocked down a peg (or two) very quickly when I encountered hindrances, obstacles and failure; sometimes at every turn.

I once had this brilliant idea that was like nothing seen before. I dropped all my other projects and concentrated fully on this one. I spent a lot of time, effort and money to justify this business needed doing. Only to get to the point of no return and realise that a bigger and RICHER businessman had taken the same idea, same concept and launched a mega business while I was busy plugging and dreaming away.

An experience like the one above is enough to dash anybody’s confidence and hopes. It surely did mine, but what I did differently was simple; after picking myself up from the floor, I simply kept on running, and working hard on the other ideas I had. In the meantime, I parked that idea knowing that one day it will be resurrected albeit as a different concept. Today, that idea has surely resurrected but only because of my never-say-die attitude to business (and to life really)

If you give up at the first (2nd or 10th) attempt of trying a business because you failed, you have no business being an entrepreneur. You should expect failure and you should embrace it when it comes.

One common trait of über successful entrepreneurs today is that they all experienced one type of failure or the other.  To some extent some failures were more devastating than others but they kept plugging on and the rest is history so they say.

Personally, I know an entrepreneur who lost tons of money on perishables that didn’t dock in port on time; the loss was almost catastrophic but this woman was no defeatist; not in the least. She battled on and today  the pain of that loss is a transcript at dinner table conversations.

There are stories of businessmen (and women) who have lost and lost big but they never gave up. One in particular lost everything because he was convinced that growing and selling christmas trees would make him money. He failed miserably. Today he’s one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS on earth.

I surely am not advocating laziness as embracing failure can very easily be translated to folding one’s arms and expecting failure. The trick is to adopt a warrior’s attitude. Warriors go to battle confident of victory but with the reality of failure faintly registered in their minds.

Don’t take my word for it, do your own digging into successful entrepreneurs, you will find they have one thing in common… they have failed before… many many times.

Prince Denny Uyi, a respected entrepreneur friend once told me: “So many of us give up too soon on an idea and classify it as a failure instead of exhausting all the failing options and then what would you have left? Only options that will be successful. So stay on your game”

There is a message attached to all my posts, and today’s message is to embrace failure. So go out there and don’t be afraid to fail because you CANNOT FAIL ALL THE TIME especially if you keep getting up after each failure.

Kole Obasa


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